This project is an onsite ILT (instructor-led training) for world language teachers. The goal of the training is for teachers to recognize and avoid stereotypes in their teaching practice. This project includes a slide deck, a facilitator guide, and a participant workbook.

Audience: World language teachers, 9-12.

Responsibilities: Instructional Design.

Tools Used: Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Canva.


1. Project request and requirements

This project was a custom workshop designed for a company that provides professional development for teachers. The workshop would be facilitated by employees who had experience as world language teachers and had to be designed in a way that they could conduct it independently. This project was different from other instructional design projects I have completed in that here I was the designer but also the subject-matter expert (SME) due to my years of experience in world language teaching.

2. Initial design

I began the project by defining the goals for the training and making sure that they aligned with the company's specifications. After setting those objectives, I worked backwards by designing the steps (information sequencing, discussions, activities) that would lead to reaching each goal. I then divided the given time accordingly.

3. Project development

Once I had a framework for how I was going to develop the project, I jumped into creating all slides directly on PowerPoint. I used bright colors and pictures that would be visually appealing and exciting for the audience while maintaining a professional look that aligned with the company's brand. After creating the slide deck, I developed the facilitator guide and the participant workbook following its structure.

The facilitator guide includes notes for the facilitator to be able to conduct the workshop without much extra preparation and with references to the slideshow that will make it very easy to follow along. I included the same notes as in the slide deck so that the facilitator could choose which ones to use depending on their device and personal preferences.

The participant workbook was designed to make it very easy for participants to follow along the presentation and be engaged while having lots of space to jot down ideas connected to specific topics or activities. I believe it is really important for learners to be hands-on in any learning activity, and I constructed this resource keeping that principle in mind.