How To File An Insurance Claim

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This project is a video that would be used for customer education purposes at Union Insurance Corporation, an insurance company.

Audience: All employees who work with Microsoft Office tools.

Responsibilities: Instructional Design, Video Development.

Tools Used: Vyond, Canva.


Many of the insurance customer representatives at the Union Insurance Corporation have been noticing that customers often do not have all the necessary information (police reports, pictures, etc.) when they file an insurance claim, which delays the whole claim processing and creates dissatisfaction among the customers and frustration for employees.


I suggested creating a library of short videos that would be accessible on a customer platform and to send periodic emails with link to specific videos. I also considered integrating the videos in short Articulate Storyline or Articulate Rise courses in which I could include knowledge checks for viewers, but this would be a more involved process for customers that most people would have no interest to engage in.