Using PowerPoint Slide Master

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This project is a video tutorial that would be part of a series called Quick Tips. The series would be aimed at improving the efficiency and productivity of employees who work with Microsoft Office tools. The goal of this particular video within the series is to show the Slide Master feature and a few basic pointers on how to use it.

Audience: All employees who work with Microsoft Office tools.

Responsibilities: Instructional Design, Video Development.

Tools Used: Camtasia, PowerPoint, WellSaid Labs.


While there are many people who are comfortable using common Microsoft Office tools such as Word or PowerPoint, not a lot of users go beyond the basics in order to take advantage of some very accessible features that improve productivity and efficiency. The fictional client for this project wanted to offer on-demand education for its employees around some of these features in order to help them make their projects smoother and faster.


I suggested creating a library of short videos that would be accessible on a platform used by the employees. Videos would be organized by topics and tool. The employer could have the option of requiring the videos or have the employees watch them at their leisure. I also offered the option of integrating the videos in short Articulate Storyline or Articulate Rise courses in which I could include knowledge checks for viewers.


1. Design document

After identifying the tools and features that needed to have educational videos created for them, I decided to create a first sample video that would show the client the feel and design of the product before creating the entire series. For that purpose, I created a design document that included details of what would be shown, what colors would be used, and a script for the video.

2. Development

After getting approval for the design document, I jumped into development. I created video footage by screen recording with Camtasia while using the feature of the tool that I wanted to showcase (PowerPoint Slide Master). I did my own voice narration to show how it helped understanding. Once I had all the necessary footage, I edited it directly on Camtasia by adding an intro and music as well as zooming and highlighting in order to bring the learner's attention to important buttons shown in the video. After the final narration script had been approved, I replaced my voice with audio created on WellSaid Labs for a more professional feel and higher sound quality.

3. Finished product

After getting feedback, I refined the product. The two main changes that stemmed from feedback were shortening of the introduction of the video, which was wordy and long, and the inclusion of more marking to highlight important things.